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What the Opening of Tyler Perry Studios Means For Black Entrepreneurs Everywhere

A-list celebrities including Oprah, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Colin Kaepernick attended the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios in southwest Atlanta’s historic district. Everyone gathered to celebrate Tyler Perry becoming the first Black entrepreneur to own a major movie studio without the backing of an established corporation. This could usher in a new era for Black entrepreneurship focused on self-sustainability, self-made independence, and alliance amongst Black entrepreneurs. In a Bloomberg Markets interview , Perry spoke about the creative freedom afforded to him because of his self-made independence back in February 2018. “So when I actually came to Hollywood and tried to do my first movie there and they were like, ‘Ah, what is this? We’re not doing this,'” Perry told Bloomberg Market’s David Westin. “I was like ‘Listen. I’m just going to go home and do it out of my trunk and, you know, sell it as DVD as I’ve been doing before.’” A sure take-home message for Black entrepreneurs...

Oct 22, 2019