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Pharrell Williams Calls Out Corporations For Not Investing In 'Inclusive Businesses'

Pharrell Williams wants to see more wins for Black-owned businesses. Pharrell Williams presented the keynote speech at the Urban League of Hampton Roads’ (ULHR) annual Martin Luther King, Jr. awards program on Monday (Jan. 17). Here, Williams issued a call-to-action for businesses to pledge a higher commitment to Black entrepreneurs while also noting many businesses have already started their efforts. “There’s much more work to be done to achieve anything that resembles equality, business — thank God businesses are finally catching on,” Pharrell Williams said. “Corporations know that inclusive businesses are good businesses, right? Collectively big businesses are pouring billions of dollars into programs directed toward people of color — not all businesses, but the smart ones, the ones that will be here in 50 years.” Pharrell Williams goes on to highlight a few small wins that have arisen for the Black community in recent years. Historically Black Colleges & Universities are...

Jan 18, 2022