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How To Craft A Powerful Brand Positioning Statement That Resonates With Your Audience

Every entrepreneur thinks that they have the next big idea and that if only consumers or businesses were exposed to it, it would become a rockstar business overnight. In truth, this is not always the case. Often, there is a massive disconnect between those creating brands and what the target audience is demanding. To fix that problem, businesses need to craft a stellar product or create a service that resonates with their audiences . It is important to have a product or service that provides real value, but equally important is learning how to articulate those benefits to potential customers. Without proper branding, even the most exciting product can sit on a shelf or go overlooked as the competition continues to maintain its hold on the market. Learning how to create a positioning statement that helps a brand or product stand out from the competition, and also connect with audiences can make the difference between success and delayed opportunities for many businesses. Positioning...

Helping Brands Turn Marketing Upside Down

Do you have a friend or family member with a signature style, an often used saying, or a dish that’s requested for every holiday meal? Just reading that question likely brought back fond memories of that person. Memories you’ll forever associate with them because their style, catch phrase, or grandma’s signature mac & cheese recipe has become part of their personal brand. In marketing, the job is to build a similar feeling between people and our brand. People should have an affinity for products and services and for their experiences doing business with specific organizations. But building a brand people know and trust isn’t easy. As the world accelerated into a more digital space, people have grown weary of being marketed at, with random social media ads that aren’t relevant or meaningful to them. They also won’t tolerate disconnected experiences or those that don’t feel authentic. Marketers need to turn marketing upside down. Instead of marketing to and at people, brands should be...

Oct 11, 2022

Marketing Manager Melsha Key Feels Seen And Heard Working For Gap Inc.

It’s one thing to find a job and a whole other thing to work at a place where you feel respected, appreciated and understood. Marketing professional Melsha Key found that sweet spot with Gap Inc. “I’ve had the opportunity to be seen, to be heard, to feel like I have a seat at the table and to feel valued,” she says. As a marketing manager at Banana Republic, Key creates strategies and campaigns to roll out customer products and programs. The project she’s most proud of is the integrated rewards program the company launched in 2021. It allows customers to rack up and redeem points when they shop across the four Gap Inc. brands: Old Navy, Gap, Athleta and Banana Republic. “This is a win for the customer because they can deepen their relationships. But also it’s a win for our company because we learn more about the customer and the customer’s journey, therefore meeting our business objectives: increasing spend, increasing frequency and building those lifetime loyalists.” In addition to...

Jan 24, 2022

How Shante Bacon Turned Lessons Learned At Def Jam Into Founding Her Own Marketing Agency

Successful entrepreneurs come from all unique walks of life, but being innately driven is a story they all share. While growing up in the bustling neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, it was destined for Shante Bacon to acquire her entrepreneurial spirit. Her relentless ambition set ablaze what would become an eight-year career at Def Jam.  

Jan 3, 2022

Saweetie To Teach A USC Course Where Students Can Tap In To The Power Of Branding & Marketing

It’s no question that if it’s one thing that Saweetie is going to do, she’s going to chase a bag. As previously reported by AfroTech, the certified hustler has consistently been on her grind racking up deals including her partnership with McDonald’s — making her the company’s first Black female musician to have a celebrity menu collaboration. Now, the booked and busy entrepreneur wants to help Gen Z build its own business acumen. On Dec. 10, Saweetie confirmed that she will be teaching a class at the University of Southern California (USC), her alma mater, iHeart Radio reports.

Dec 14, 2021

How The 'Beyoncé of Marketing' Created A Culturally-Unique Company To Offer Black Folk A Seat At The Table

For many professionals navigating creative spaces, it can seem difficult to find your own lane in such a saturated market. But for Browned 2 Perfection (B2P) founder Junae Brown, being her own boss was always a part of her master plan to dominate the marketing industry. Brown — a Harlem native whose been dubbed by her peers as the “Beyoncé of Marketing” — knew early on in her life that she always had a knack for marketing and event planning. Coming from a strong-spirited entrepreneurial family, Brown tells AfroTech that seeing so many people around her take charge of their own lives inspired her to want to do the same. Being the planner of her friend groups and family was a natural talent for Brown, and after serving as the President of Student Activities at her alma mater — Five Towns College — she realized that she had great potential to succeed in the marketing industry. “I really love being able to take something from point A to point Z,” she tells us. “Most people that I...

Jun 23, 2021

This Founder Created Melanin Moms Media to Connect Women of Color to Brands and Help Drive Revenue

In celebration of Black History Month, marketer and social influencer LaToyia Dennis launched a digital advertising and marketing firm for women of color. The national boutique firm coined Melanin Moms Media specializes in connecting women of color to brands and events to help drive revenue for those mom bloggers and influencers from marginalized backgrounds. Dennis was inspired to launch the firm after seeing the lack of resources and income opportunities for minority women in the economy. “Since joining the mom influencer community four years ago, I have met many amazing moms of color with stellar content that are still passed over for campaigns,” said Dennis in a press release. “With my experience in advertising sales, sponsorship activation, event production, and brand engagement, I decided the time was right to start a company that pulled my experience, expertise, and passion together to help moms of color influence the world. My mission is to help moms live a life of purpose,...

Feb 13, 2021

How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Profits

Are you having trouble getting conversions with your marketing emails? Not to worry, because there are ways you can boost profits with some great email marketing tactics. It’s all about the strategy. Once your email hooks a reader in, then you’ve got yourself a potential customer. The question is, how do you get people hooked? Find out below. 1. PERSONALIZE YOUR EMAILS No one likes generic email greetings that says things like, “Dear Valued Customer.” That’s boring and shows that your brand doesn’t care enough to get to know your customers. Using that type of opening will only increase the chances of readers quickly deleting your email. In all of your emails, make sure you’re using the subscriber’s first name in the greeting. This simple change can make a huge difference in making your customers feel valued. You can also personalize your email s by sending subscribers “happy birthday” messages, recommending products similar to the ones they’ve already purchased, or using customer...

Jan 15, 2021

How to Start Your Own Marketing Agency

There’s no question that marketing is an effective way for small and large businesses to win over clients. However, some business owners just don’t have the time, patience, or skill to promote their products and services. That’s why marketing agencies are so high-value. If you’re looking to start your own marketing agency, you’ve chosen a highly lucrative industry. But there’s a method to every business venture, and if you don’t do things right, you’ll take longer to be successful. Here’s our quick guide to starting your very own marketing agency. HOW TO START YOUR OWN MARKETING AGENCY 1. CHOOSE A NICHE Pick the type of business you’d like to work with. While it’s fine to target all types of companies, it’s often better to specialize in a particular industry. For example, you can target real estate agencies or individual agents and brokers. It would be especially helpful for your agency if you’ve had previous experience in real estate. This can definitely set you apart from your...

Dec 10, 2020

Two Cousins, One Mission: Use Marketing Expertise to Transform Black Businesses Into Global Brands

Black-owned businesses have had a trying time this year and many are looking to rebuild in the midst of the global pandemic. In an effort to help those who need assistance getting more eyes on their brands, marketing expert Tyshan Edwards — founder and CEO of brand and marketing agency 24Media — has vowed to focus on global expansion for Black businesses. According to Black Business, Edwards — who has 17 years of branding experience — has just relaunched his company as 24 Brandhouse . 24 Brandhouse’s new rebrand comes with a renewed goal to grow its client portfolio into a global marketplace and focus on helping Black entrepreneurs elevate their businesses into worldwide brands over the next three years. 24Media — originally founded in 2006 by Edwards and his cousin Jermol Edwards — saw a major lack of brand identity and digital savviness for local businesses in their community. They then set out to help these struggling businesses thrive. “24 Brandhouse was launched to help brands,...

Nov 19, 2020

How to Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency in 3 Steps

Social media is huge right now and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Many businesses are looking to grow their social media accounts to build trust with customers and generate more leads. So it’s no wonder you want to start a business that targets this audience. Social media marketing agencies are great time-savers for busy business owners who want to gain exposure and authority. Here’s how to get yours started. 1. IDENTIFY YOUR NICHE What platforms will you specialize in? It’s good to know your stuff about all platforms. However, focusing on one or two will be more helpful to clients. For example, one client may already have a following on Facebook and Instagram, but may need help with Twitter and YouTube. In addition to choosing a platform to specialize in, you might also want to zero in on what type of industry to work with. Different industries require different types of social media campaigns. 2. CREATE A BUSINESS PLAN AND STRUCTURE After you figure out who you’ll be...

Nov 1, 2020

3 Best Tips for Email Marketing for 2021

Did you know email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to engage your customers and grow your profits?   In fact, according to HubSpot , email converts $38 for every $1 invested, creating a 3800% ROI. In business, that’s an incredible return on investment and one that you can leverage as you cement your marketing strategy for 2021.   Additionally, 80% of business professionals believe that email improves customer retention.   In other words, email marketing keeps your customers coming back to you!   With that said, what are the best email marketing tips you can employ for the upcoming year? What trends should you be paying attention to and implementing in your digital marketing?   Here are three top practices we believe you should consider for your email marketing in 2021. #1 Improve Your Open Rates with Better Subject Lines Your subject lines are important. It’s the first thing your subscriber sees and determines whether or not they’ll open your email.   Remember, if...

Sep 28, 2020

Former Television Execs Launch Marketing Agency to Help Brands Connect With Black Audiences

Since the recent protests for racial justice, companies have scrambled to clean house, positioning themselves to be more diverse and inclusive. In addition, plenty of organizations have remixed their marketing to speak to a more multicultural audience. Still, some are missing the mark. According to NewsOne , former television executives Jessica D. Lane Alexander and Lori J. Hall founded Pop’N Creative “to help brands cultivate an authentic connection with multicultural audiences.” Launched in 2020, the agency focuses on digital and social content creation, experiential design, and masterful storytelling, the site reads. “We are absolutely, unapologetically passionate about multicultural marketing and helping brands get it right,” Hall told NewsOne. Both Hall and Alexander aim to help disrupt conflicting representation for Black girls in mainstream marketing, especially on the beauty of African-American attributes such as natural hair. “While I was super excited to see someone who...

Aug 10, 2020

Coronavirus Boosts TikTok Creators But Grounds Travel Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is a huge business, and for some talented social media gurus, it’s their main source of income. However, with the recent coronavirus pandemic causing a domino effect of economic and social issues, this lucrative marketing method is taking a major hit. According to Business Insider , brand integrations and campaigns are coming to a screeching halt. The U.S. recently enforced a European travel ban to help stop the spread of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. It’s a new strategy that directly affects Instagram travel bloggers. “I think a lot of people in the travel industry are holding their breath,” said travel blogger Oneika Raymond. “Companies are reluctant to take on anything new and therefore that is impacting the income of creators.” Paid trips and brand deals with luggage companies are postponed due to the severity of the deadly virus. “We aren’t wanting to travel much as we don’t want to set a bad example and be worsening the issue by thinking it’s OK to...

Mar 16, 2020

Does Popeyes Prove Marketing & Advertising Is A Harsh Industry For Black Creators?

Back in August, the release of Popeyes’ infamous chicken sandwich caused  mass hysteria across the nation, however, it was their social media presence that had all eyes on the chicken chain. It was one tweet and two words sent to the brand’s competitor that officially won the internet and started what was dubbed as the “chicken war.” … y’all good? — Popeyes (@Popeyes) August 19, 2019 That tweet was sent by Angela Brown , Social Strategist at the Austin, TX based ad agency, GSD&M . It caught the attention of members of Black Twitter who believed in the importance of having black women in marketing. Why you should hire black women for social : You're looking at a group photo of GSDM.. the marketing agency that did the digital strategy for @PopeyesChicken . The girl circled is responsible for the tweet that set the brand on fire with over 3B impressions. — DonYe Taylor (@donyetaylor_) November 6, 2019 GSD&M, who has had the Popeyes...

Mar 5, 2020