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Are Your Jordans Real? Here's How GOAT, StockX And More Use Tech To Authenticate Your Sneakers

Sneaker authentication is crucial, especially for today’s growing secondary sneaker resale market. GQ reported that the counterfeit sneaker market is worth $450 billion, and complaints of the fraudulent goods have even made it in front of a judge. The United States Department of Homeland Security ran an investigation on a Chinese company named Qing Fu Zeng between February 2012 and December 2016. The international company smuggled 22 shipping containers full of counterfeit Nike and Louis Vuitton sneakers by sea into the United States. According to the complaint, if the sneakers had been authentic, they would have been worth more than $472 million. There was a similar counterfeit ring bust back in 2018 in New York. Sneaker authentication technology is on the rise for reasons like this. Jerome Thompson, authentication manager at GOAT, told FN that one of GOAT’s co-founders launched the sneaker and apparel company in 2009 after accidentally buying a pair of fake Jordans from another...

Sep 6, 2021

How Google Translate is Reducing Gender Bias With Its New Update

Google announced the revamping of Translate to offer more interpretations. Before the update, only masculine translations existed for gender-neutral words. “Google Translate learns from hundreds of millions of already-translated examples from the web,” Google Translate Product Manager James Kuczmarski said in a blog post. “Historically, it has provided only one translation for a query, even if the translation could have either a feminine or masculine form.” Photo: Google Translate Google Translate plans to extend gender-specific translations to more languages. Google Translate will launch the update on its iOS and Andriod apps later in the year. It is also set to address gender bias in features like query auto-complete. Tech companies have struggled with identifying and fixing gender bias in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Last year, Wired reported on a Virginia computer science professor finding gender bias in some of the machine-learning software that he...

Dec 10, 2018