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TicketRX Wants To Help Streamline The Legal Process For Ticketed Drivers

No one wants to get pulled over while they’re on the clock, but for commercial drivers, getting a ticket could mean big trouble for their licenses. TicketRX, a platform that works to keep drivers out of court, just got acquired by Multi Service Technology Solutions (MSTS). TicketRX will now function under the MSTS subsidiary Open Road Drivers Plan — formerly known as ORDP — to make tickets a lot less stressful for drivers and their spouses. TicketRX founder Bryan Shannon tells Afrotech that his company’s technology will give ORDP a “facelift” so that ORDP powered by TicketRX can function. “This will ultimately revolutionize the way traffic tickets and compliance-related issues in the CDL industry are handled on a massive scale,” Shannon told AfroTech. Open Road Drivers Plan used to be a legal service provider before taking over TicketRX, and ticketed drivers could call the company’s customer service line to find local lawyers to handle their cases. TicketRX provided a similar...

Mar 20, 2019