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After Immigrating From Haiti Nearly 20 Years Ago, 26-Year-Old Lenny Pyrrhus Says Upskilling Landed Him A $130K Salary

After establishing himself in America 20 years ago by way of his Haitian family, Lenny Pyrrhus has made a name for himself and continues to thrive one new skill at a time. According to CNBC’s “Make It” series, Pyrrhus’ immediate family made the trek to the states after his uncle, who was also a well-known musician (Ti Pierre), was killed during a political protest in 1991. His family settled in the northern region of the U.S., and the then-26-year-old does not take the things they endured to get here lightly. “My family went through so much suffering before I was even born, and then for me to have gotten that kind of opportunity in America, I tried to figure out how to make the best of it,” he shared with CNBC.

Aug 9, 2022