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Was Larry Johnson's Converse Deal The Reason Michael Jordan Was Able To Earn More Money With Nike?

You can’t have an adequate conversation about sneaker culture without talking about the global impact of Michael Jordan and his line of signature shoes, as evidenced by the film “Air,” chronicling the inception of the Jordan sneaker era. With so much popularity around Nike and their relationship with Jordan, would you believe there was a time during the Jordan era when he didn’t have the biggest contract and most popular shoe among athletes? Welcome NBA legend Larry Johnson to the chat. According to a LinkedIn post, Johnson stated that he was offered a $1 million shoe deal with Converse in 1991. Johnson entered the league in 1991 as the No. 1 draft pick by the Charlotte Hornets. He had a stand-out rookie season, earning him the 1992 Rookie of the Year award, and in 1993, he signed what was then considered the largest contract in NBA history worth $87 million over seven years. However, after that historic deal, Johnson suffered a sprained back that would impact the longevity of his...

Apr 5, 2023