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VisuWall Wants To Turn Vacant Storefronts Into Ad Space

To some, an empty storefront can be an eyesore, but to Kobi Wu, it’s a huge opportunity for companies to advertise. That’s why Wu started VisuWall , a company that turns vacant storefronts into advertising space. Wu spent 18 years in marketing and advertising and has produced content for big-named brands like Nike, Spotify and Google. The company partners with property owners and advertisers to optimize store spaces. VisuWall uses computer vision technology that monitors and tracks traffic passing the storefronts. The company collects data on the number of people who pass by, their genders, approximate ages and sentiment to help advertisers determine their marketing strategies. Wu told Black Enterprise that outdoor ads are usually bought in terms of impressions, but don’t have a way of measuring true engagement. “Brands have to think about the connection they are trying to make with their consumers. Impressions are just the starting point and the real goal is engagement.” Wu said....

Arriana McLymore

Jan 7, 2019