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If You're Looking To Fund Your Business, KINETIC Conference Is The Place To Be

Looking to learn how to get people to invest in your business? Look no further because the first annual KINETIC Conference (KINETIC-CON) takes place Saturday, April 10, 2021. “KINETIC is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to find funding,” said the organization’s co-founder Kevin Johnson. In research that was recently published by the Kauffman Foundation, studies show that “nine in ten (92%) reported that funds to start the business was challenging and close to the same share (86%) reported that funds to grow the business was challenging.” Johnson believes the road to funding isn’t easy for Black founders because their white counterparts responsible for the investing stages don’t recognize that they may disclose preconceived biases. “A lot of times you can’t see what’s in front of your face because you’re blinded by the biases,” continued Johnson. “Specifically implicit biases that have been built up over hundreds of years. Investors need to realize what biases they bring to the...

Apr 9, 2021