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Exclusive: Black Girls Code Founder Kimberly Bryant Shares Her Side Of The Story After Being Removed As The CEO

As Kimberly Bryant prepares for life after Black Girls Code (BGC), the founder of the STEM program that champions young Black and brown girls sat down with AfroTech to discuss her side of the story. “I think it’s important for us to own our own stories as Black people and how we build,” said Bryant in an exclusive interview. “It’s not lost on me the fact that the organization that I founded and the organizational leadership that dismissed me from the organization that I created is utilizing a fully white PR firm, white law firm to take down, if you will, another Black woman as a founder.” She further explained how this has caused her a different type of pain as Bryant initially launched BGC out of love for her daughter and other Black and brown girls in early 2011. “This really was a project built from love and my desire to make a better pathway for all Black girls to be innovators and creators because I knew how difficult the path was for me as a Black woman in a STEM field that...

Shanique Yates

Aug 30, 2022

Kimberly Bryant Speaks On Her Removal From Black Girls Code: 'Ten+ Years Of Founding And Building An Organization To A $40M+ International Brand'

Last Friday, the Black Girls Code (BGC) board announced that founder and CEO Kimberly Bryant has officially been removed from her position as a leader and board member of the organization, according to Insider. In addition, the outlet reports that she has taken legal action against the nonprofit and three board members. As previously reported by AfroTech, last December, Bryant was accused of possessing a leadership style that was threatening and borderline abusive. An investigation into the matter was launched after allegations were brought forth by former employees and volunteers. Bryant has repeatedly denied the claims made against her and has used social media to keep those following her journey in the loop. According to a spokesperson for BGC, “The Board believes the decision to remove Ms. Bryant as CEO and as a board member is in the best interests of the organization, the girls it serves, its employees, and its donors. BGC has been focusing its efforts on moving forward and...

Shanique Yates

Aug 16, 2022

Black Girls Code CEO Kimberly Bryant Makes A Statement After Being Placed On Leave

Earlier last week, the unprecedented announcement of Black Girls Code CEO and founder Kimberly Bryant being removed as the nonprofit’s head came in as a shock to the tech community. Kimberly Bryant alerted the public about the breaking news with a “press release” on Twitter. “Press release: So it’s 3 days before Christmas and you wake up to discover the organization YOU created and built from the ground up has been taken away by a rogue board with no notification,” Bryant wrote via Twitter. Press release: so it’s 3 days before Christmas and you wake up to discover the organization YOU created and built from the ground up has been taken away by a rogue board with no notification. VC: @BlackGirlsCode — kimberlybryant.eth (@6Gems) December 21, 2021 The tweet caused an uproar from her counterparts and followers who wanted to learn more details of the indefinite suspension and how to support Bryant. Recently, Bryant shared a statement with TechCrunch to further clear the air.

Ngozi Nwanji

Dec 29, 2021

For Black Girls CODE Founder Kimberly Bryant, Making History Means Teaching 1M Girls How to Code by 2040

Black Girls CODE founder Kimberly Bryant started her ambitious organization as a basement experiment and quickly transformed it into a global movement to usher more Black women into the tech space. According to Capitol Technology University, Bryant garnered an interest in math and science as a young girl — fields that are known to be dominated by Asian and white men. Her organization’s website also shared that she often felt culturally isolated as she sometimes found herself to be the only Black woman or Black person among her college classmates. Despite this, she maintained her interests and followed a career path that would merge her passion with a grand mission to change the face of tech. NBC News reported that throughout her biotech engineering career and journey climbing the ranks at companies like DuPont, Phillip Morris and Genentech, Bryant longed to see a more inclusive world for her daughter Kai. “My daughter was about to go to middle school and was interested in tech and...

Njera Perkins

Mar 18, 2021