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7 Powerful Black Women In Sports Who Are Changing The Face Of Leadership In The Industry

Having a Black woman in your corner is a sure shot for success. Although they make up only a small percentage in the business of sports, the underrepresented group is often a saving grace behind the scenes within the space. During AfroTech Executive Los Angeles in September 2022, a few powerhouses who make up the underrepresented group gathered for a panel titled The Changing Face Of Sports And Fitness Leadership. During the conversation — moderated by the CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, Nichol Whiteman — the women not only touched on making it into the industry but also on surviving as Black women. Photo Credit: AfroTech “You can’t come into this industry with thin skin. Whether you’re a male or female, you have to be thick skin. You’re going to have to go through a lot. You’re going to have to work harder,” Kiesha Nix said during AfroTech Executive Los Angeles. “At this point in our careers, people joke with us sometimes that we should be working smarter and not harder....

Ngozi Nwanji

Sep 28, 2022

Kiesha Nix Becomes The First Black Woman VP In Lakers' Organization History

An unprecedented leap of faith would lead Kiesha Nix to achieve history with the Lakers, serving as the first Black woman to become a vice president within the Los Angeles Lakers organization, Sports Illustrated reports. During Nix’s career spanning nearly 30 years, her heart of philanthropy has remained at the forefront of her professional objectives. Before landing the historic position, she initially worked as a project manager at Merrill Lynch, but a company merge would lead Nix to manage contracts under Bank of America. Thriving in her role as a managing investor, Nix landed high net worth clients and CEOS, Sports Illustrated reports. Working outside of her job description, Nix dedicated countless hours and nearly two decades to curate events and raise fundings for the bank’s charitable foundations. “It was not part of my normal day-to-day job responsibilities, but I did that work for 18 years,” Kiesha Nix says in a press statement, according to Sports Illustrated. “I saw it as...

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 2, 2021