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Kadeem Hardison Recalls His Mom Saying He Taught Her The Power Of 'No' — 'You Knew Your Worth And Wouldn't Go In And Take Less Than This'

The term “blerd” refers to the Black nerd. From anime culture to the infatuation with shows like “Game of Thrones,” the uptick of Black people being involved in and profoundly supporting what is considered “nerd culture” is growing. And because none of this is particularly new, many can pinpoint the fictional character “Dwayne Wayne” of “A Different World” as the 90s blerd of the decade. Kadeem Hardison is the man behind it all. From the flip-up glasses to the fascination with technology, Hardison’s character gave representation to those who may not have seen themselves on screen often. His ability to act out the range of nuances Hardison’s character represents made the opportunity to find a deeper community at an HBCU even more appealing. Another significant facet of “Dwayne Wayne” was his on-screen romance with “Whitely Gilbert,” portrayed by Jasmine Guy. Their love story is often termed as relationship goals, and no matter what you think about them in that regard, their on-air...

Josh Rodgers

Sep 27, 2022