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Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford Turned Her Struggle With Hearing Loss Into Customized Earphones For The World, Including Drake

When she isn’t helping her celebrity clientele, Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford is creating a product designed to enhance the human listening experience. After her own struggles with both speech and hearing disorders as a child, Dr. Joseph-Ford isolated herself from the world and grappled with low self-esteem following eight years of bullying in school. Today, she is in top demand as the mastermind behind the audio/in-ear system used by Drake when he’s putting on shows for his loyal fans. She is also the founder of High Level Speech & Hearing Center located in New Orleans, LA. Photo Credit: Nyemah Bolds “After working with so many patients in audiology, I eventually had the privilege of working with musicians and music artists like Drake,” she explained. “I was able to help him out with his in-ear monitors, and create the custom molds for them. So working with them, I started learning more about the technology in earphones, and specifically, it was the ear monitoring systems that performers...

Shanique Yates

Aug 10, 2022