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Will Lucas Shares The Impact That Documenting Your Success Could Have On Your Journey

You never know just how much impact documenting your journey could have on others. For Will Lucas, the phrase, “a life worth living is worth recording,” is one to live by as he believes that when you put in the work to share your own personal experiences, it can be valuable not only to yourself but a host of others that seek encouragement to keep going. “What too many of us think erroneously is that success is a destination, like one day you’re going to wake up and suddenly be successful,” said Lucas during the latest episode of AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money podcast. “So, if you wake up, you’re getting after it, every day you are successful. Every week, you squirrel away a hundred dollars to buy your first piece of real estate, you are successful every one of those weeks.” While goal setting can be both rewarding and tedious, Lucas breaks down why keeping a real track record of all of your wins, both big and small, can be rewarding in the long run.

Mar 22, 2022