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Four Ways To Recession-Proof Your Career, According To LinkedIn Career Expert Andrew McCaskill

Here’s a harsh reality — a recession may be on its way. Many economists and business insiders believe that it is already here. With the uneasy motion of the real estate market, the crazy price of eggs, and a tumultuous job market — all signs point to an economically unstable economic environment that has people on edge. However, all is not lost. For Black people particularly, there is a well-documented history of overcoming difficult times. When society and powers placed restrictions to hinder Black men and women, they created resources, services, and products that transcended prejudices and allowed them to succeed. That same level of ingenuity and resilience is evident today as people navigate the uncertainty that’s present in several industries in the job market. AfroTech was able to team up with Andrew McCaskill, Sr. Director & Career Expert, LinkedIn, to gain practical insight on how job seekers can become recession-proof.

Josh Rodgers

Feb 8, 2023

TikToker Says She Changed Her Race And Name On Her Resume And Landed Job Interviews After Receiving No Callbacks For Over 6 Months

Racial discrimination in hiring is a barrier that many Black applicants face, especially those who don’t have “white-sounding” names. A TikToker by the name of Dee Realz is one of a few from the growing group who has stepped forward to share her experience. @dee.realz has any melanated individuals experienced this? #jobs #jobinterview #fyp ♬ original sound – Dee Realz

Ngozi Nwanji

Sep 13, 2022