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6 Effective Practices For Establishing A Work-Life Balance System

The separation of work and personal life can be challenging for some. In the wake of the pandemic, various roles were shifted and employees had to learn how to work remotely. As of July 2023, data from WFH Research states 12% of full-time employees were fully remote and 29% are in a hybrid arrangement. A 2022 survey revealed nearly half of remote workers struggled with work-life balance. Charter Communications’ Principal Service Designer Jeneba Wint believes adopting the mindset of integrating life into your work, and not the other way around, will be key to finding a happy medium. “I don’t believe in balance because I’m not putting this job before my life. So, I just find ways where integrated work can be integrated into my life,” Wint told AfroTech. We’ve created a list of helpful tips derived from Wint and Blavity Inc. Co-Founder and COO Jeff Nelson on what can be done to improve work-life balance.

Samantha Dorisca

Aug 16, 2023