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Meet The Artists Advancing Their Business Through Beauty Platform Fyyne

As AfroTech previously told you, beauty platform Fyyne is placing more Black hair stylists into the spotlight while providing resources and tools to advance their businesses. Avid users of the platform include Azjani Senior and Valentine who have utilized the beauty platform  — founded by Jeffrey Fasegha alongside Al-Ameen Ogundiran and Olu Olubanjo — to build their respective empires. “We are creating a world where people can make a living with their skills and everything that we build is to enable that. We engage with all of the artists and all of the customers who use the platform. We’re truly building the first platform for the community,” Fasegha, co-founder and CEO of Fyyne, told AfroTech.

Jul 7, 2022

Beauty Platform Fyyne Hits The Market To Improve The Booking Process For Hair Artists

Beauty platform Fyyne just hit the market. The ideation of Fyyne was created by Jeffrey Fasegha alongside Al-Ameen Ogundiran and Olu Olubanjo. Fasegha reveals while playing semi-pro hockey at his university, finding a reputable hairstylist for his hair type was increasingly difficult. He soon recognized fewer technologies in the beauty space were a perpetuating factor leading to less visibility for Black hair artists. Fasegha confirms many artists were using text or direct messages as their primary mode of contact for customers. “As a former semi-pro hockey player, it was impossible for me to find a barber who could cut my hair when I was moving from one town to another every other week. I had to grow my hair out and wait to go back home before I could get a cut,” said Jeffrey Fasegha, Co-founder and CEO of Fyyne, according to a press release. “When I moved to Toronto for university, I was literally stopping people on the street to ask them where they got their hair done. It took me...

Jan 31, 2022