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Go Mufasa: Jeff Obeng Becomes One of the First Social Media Influencers to Land A 'Legit' Fortnite Deal

Jeff Obeng may have been born in the Bronx, but his passion has allowed him to touch folks all over the world! Known for his viral skits as “Mufasa,” Obeng brings positive energy to the digital world through his kick-ass dance moves — particularly his popular “Go Mufasa” dance move that was featured in Da Baby’s music video for Grammy-nominated “Bop.” Now, he’s dancing to new heights as one of the first social media influencers to land a “legit” deal with Fortnite, according to Blerd. Obeng sat down with AfroTech to define what being an influencer means for him, how he’s managed to create authentic, feel-good videos, landing a deal with Fortnite, and more. AfroTech: The term influencer doesn’t always have a good rep but you manage to carry it so well. If you had to define this in your own words, what would they be? Mufasa: When it first came to the term influencer at first I really did not like it, but influence is the keyword when it comes to being an influencer. You can influence...

Dec 15, 2020