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These Founders Created A Platform To Help Creators Reward Fans Who Are Generating The Most Buzz

Creators can now reward their most loyal fans thanks to the newest social platform on the block. Founders Denis Asamoah and Jay Cheng are the masterminds behind Buzzup, a platform that provides an alternative medium for creatives to connect with their most loyal followers. The gateway is timely as many creatives rely on monetized content for revenue. However, engagement and visibility can oftentimes be disrupted due to algorithms. The reality can become challenging and discouraging for some, but the platform hopes to change this fate as it strays away from the widely used advertisement model. “There needs to be a better world for creators that traditional legacy and social media platforms won’t build for creators because they cater to advertisers,” Asamoah told AfroTech. “They don’t treat creators as partners. You can see the revenues, the billions made, and how much they proportion up to creators. Ultimately, we’re saying to creators, ‘You’re adding so much value to these social...

Mar 2, 2022