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What Is IShowSpeed's Reported Net Worth In 2023?

Once upon a time, people who spent all day on their computers or playing video games were told that they were wasting their time and would not amount to much. These days, gaming has become a big industry with worldwide championships and conferences dedicated to the genre. With the advent of s treaming content, gamer streams have risen in popularity thus, it is not uncommon to see gamers — even casual ones that use a split-screen format to interact with their audience — amass large followings on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. One such personality is IShowSpeed, an internet sensation that beyond gaming, has also built a reputation as a rapper. He has been an active influencer since 2017 and has even earned a Streamy Award. So, how much is IShowSpeed worth? IShowSpeed’s Early Life Unsurprisingly, IShowSpeed wasn’t always named that. Before adopting the handle, he was born Darren Jason Watkins Jr, in Ohio in 2005. Not much is known about his childhood before he joined YouTube....