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This FAMU Grad Created An App To Add Some Inspiration To Your Week

Everyone needs a little motivation now and again—iShallBe wants you to find inspiration right in the palm of your hand. iShallBe is an app working to give daily doses of inspiration to its users. Founder and CEO Shelby Tinsley created iShallBe as “an Instagram strictly for affirmations.” “Through daily affirmation, you learn that you are not the only one going through obstacles,” Tinsley said. “iShallBe’s daily affirmations are not just about how to get through life and the struggles of it, but how to enjoy life and remain positive no matter what.” iShallBe is giving users daily inspirational quotes, activities, and videos to get them through their week. Users set goals at the beginning of the week, and the app provides content daily to ensure users stay on track. iShallBe also allows users to create their own motivational quotes and affirmations within the app. The Detroit-based company gives a social-platform feel without the mental health toll. One of the biggest benefits is...

Dec 27, 2018