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D-Nice Joins Silicon Valley-Based Startup Simplicity As Investor And Ambassador

DJ D-Nice has mastered the art of creating community through technology. Now, he has forged a partnership to continue these efforts for the greater good. According to a press release, D-Nice has become an investor in Simplicity Tech Inc. The company’s application provides users with information regarding “city updates, emergencies, outages, road closures, enforcements, and city events.” Simplicity Tech Inc. is used in over 100 cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aug 2, 2022

Kiesha Nix Becomes The First Black Woman VP In Lakers' Organization History

An unprecedented leap of faith would lead Kiesha Nix to achieve history with the Lakers, serving as the first Black woman to become a vice president within the Los Angeles Lakers organization, Sports Illustrated reports. During Nix’s career spanning nearly 30 years, her heart of philanthropy has remained at the forefront of her professional objectives. Before landing the historic position, she initially worked as a project manager at Merrill Lynch, but a company merge would lead Nix to manage contracts under Bank of America. Thriving in her role as a managing investor, Nix landed high net worth clients and CEOS, Sports Illustrated reports. Working outside of her job description, Nix dedicated countless hours and nearly two decades to curate events and raise fundings for the bank’s charitable foundations. “It was not part of my normal day-to-day job responsibilities, but I did that work for 18 years,” Kiesha Nix says in a press statement, according to Sports Illustrated. “I saw it as...

Dec 2, 2021

NFL QB Patrick Mahomes Joins Tech Company Hyperice as Investor and Ambassador

In addition to a successful season start, Super Bowl quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been keeping busy off the field with his latest business endeavors. Still on his own winning streak, CNBC reports that Mahomes has secured a new private investment, joining performance recovery tech company Hyperice as both an investor and brand ambassador. As a result of the new partnership, Mahomes and Hyperice will have a chance to further increase recovery technology efforts on a global scale. This includes collaborative efforts centered around Hyperice’s newly launched HyperSmart connected technology devices and data-driven digital ecosystem, a news release reports . “Hyperice is the leader in one of the fastest growing health and wellness categories, recovery technology, and the alignment with Patrick only accelerates our growth trajectory,” said Jim Huether — CEO of Hyperice — in a press statement . “Patrick is the most dynamic and versatile young talent in the NFL. As impressive as he is on...

Oct 6, 2020

Highest-Paid Female Athlete Naomi Osaka Becomes Investor of Premium Sake Brand

Tennis star Naomi Osaka has become a force in the sports world, and now the decorated player is adding even more accomplishments to her long list of titles. Osaka took to Instagram to announce that she has been appointed as a creative consultant and investor for premium sake brand SOTO — widely recognized for its authentic taste and high-end quality. “As a native of Japan, I am proud to be involved with a product that is authentically Japanese,” Osaka said in a press statement , according to Black Enterprise. “SOTO’s status as a made-in-Japan, traditional ‘Japanese sake’ is another major reason I’m supporting the brand.” As a new asset to the brand, she will lend generational and cultural insights, according to Drinks International , as it targets more sales growth in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. “Naomi’s elegant, serene demeanor and philosophical outlook on her life and young career are big reasons we wanted her...

Aug 19, 2020

More Students to Attend Y Combinator’s Startup School in 2020

Y Combinator , a California-based investor that provides initial funding to startups, is offering a new schedule for the new year. According to TechCrunch, Y Combinator’s modified calendar will reflect updates to the once annual Startup School, which will now be offered several times per year . The move has the potential to push more startups through the investor’s online training process, which ultimately grooms them for Y Combinator’s accelerator program. Startup School is true to its name, offering startups video chats, lectures from industry leaders and company staff, access to other founders, and the ability to network with other startups. School culminates with a founder project demonstration, attended by investors and media representatives. Program alumni benefit not only from tutelage they receive, but also from their ability to apply to Y Combinator’s grant program. The program, which is currently being reassessed, has recently offered founders grants of $15K. Y Combinator...

Dec 11, 2019

4 Steps To Secure Funding From An Investor

Roughly one in four businesses are unable to receive the funding they need.  According to the SBA, business loans and credit cards account for about three-fourths of financing for startups. However, these methods of funding can be difficult to acquire due to business age, revenue criteria, or credit considerations. Some businesses can benefit more by securing funding from an investor. Here’s how. 1. CREATE A PLAN It’s very important to have a plan before presenting your proposal to investors. If you don’t, they won’t take you seriously. So make sure you have a growth plan in place, which will show investors that you have a long-term, detailed plan for development. Also, you’ll need a budget to acquire your first customers. Calculate your reliable revenue and expenses for the year. Investors want to have confidence that you know what you’re going and that you have clear goals about the direction you want your company to go. 2. NETWORK Finding the right investor for your startup is...

Nov 13, 2019