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Introverts Can Network Too. Here's How to Do So Effectively

Networking is crucial for entrepreneurship but may not come easy for introverted founders . Although many extroverts make great founders, it is a misconception that one must have an extrovert personality to become an entrepreneur or leader. For example, media mogul, Oprah, classifies herself as a true introvert but has managed to become a world-renowned entrepreneur. To all the introvert entrepreneurs who may struggle, here is how to amp up your social networking skills. Gather Talking Points Beforehand As an introvert, personal space and alone time are high on the list of priorities, while mingling with a crowd of people most likely doesn’t make the list at all. However, business purposes might call the introvert out of their comfort zone and into a brunch meeting or happy hour networking event where social mingling is expected. Although you may be content sitting in silence, chances are the individuals around you would like to indulge in conversation. Networking is the goal, after...

Devin Crudup

Oct 22, 2019