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Black Influencers Were the Highest Paid in 2020, Study Finds

Black influencers are really getting that bag online, and this new report has the statistics to back that up. The community of Black influencers has been growing tremendously in the past few years and so has the money. Orlando, Florida-based IZEA Worldwide, an influencer marketing technology, data and services provider for leading brands, recently published a report detailing the earnings equality among social media influencers. The second annual State of Influencer Equality report analyzes influencer earnings from data that IZEA collected between 2015 to 2020. “We are delighted to see the increase in pay for African American influencers within the IZEA ecosystem this year in-particular,” said IZEA Founder and CEO Ted Murphy in a statement. “Brands are consciously making the decision to include more people of color in their campaigns, and that commitment is reflected in our marketplace data.” The data shared in the State of Influencer Equality report is comprised of negotiated rates...

Mar 2, 2021

Coronavirus Boosts TikTok Creators But Grounds Travel Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is a huge business, and for some talented social media gurus, it’s their main source of income. However, with the recent coronavirus pandemic causing a domino effect of economic and social issues, this lucrative marketing method is taking a major hit. According to Business Insider , brand integrations and campaigns are coming to a screeching halt. The U.S. recently enforced a European travel ban to help stop the spread of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. It’s a new strategy that directly affects Instagram travel bloggers. “I think a lot of people in the travel industry are holding their breath,” said travel blogger Oneika Raymond. “Companies are reluctant to take on anything new and therefore that is impacting the income of creators.” Paid trips and brand deals with luggage companies are postponed due to the severity of the deadly virus. “We aren’t wanting to travel much as we don’t want to set a bad example and be worsening the issue by thinking it’s OK to...

Mar 16, 2020