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Capitol Records Cuts Ties With Artificial Intelligence Rapper FN Meka And Apologizes To The Black Community For Their 'Insensitivity'

FN Meka’s career may be a wrap. As AfroTech previously reported, FN Meka — co-created by Anthony Martini and his partner Brandon Le — became the first artificial intelligence rapper to be signed to Capitol Records. He even released a single titled “Florida Water,” featuring Gunna. However, not everyone was a fan of FN Meka’s persona and questionable lyrics considering the voice behind the robot is a white male. So the AI Rapper FN Meka is controlled by a white guy who repeatedly gets it to say the N-Word in it’s lyrics. How are you feeling about this? — 🚨‼️Now HipHop News‼️🚨 (@BenjaminEnfield) August 23, 2022

Aug 24, 2022