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Black Women Are 40 Percent Less Likely to Get Promoted, Study Shows

Being the “only one” in the room is an experience all too familiar for many women of color—particularly Black women—in the workplace. The new Women in the Workplace 2018 study published by and McKinsey & Company found nearly half of women of color are often the “onlys” of their race at work and over 80 percent face microaggressions. The study showed these experiences are found to make women of color feel closely watched, scrutinized and excluded in their workplace. For women overall, being an “only” contributes to feeling “under pressure to perform” and “on guard.” However, that isn’t the only impact. Despite numerous reports of companies committing to improving diversity in their workforce, this study shows women are still facing barriers when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Black women are 40 percent less likely than men to receive the first promotion to manager, reflecting the largely stagnant progress for the advancement of women in the workplace overall....

Jenna Chambers

Oct 24, 2018

This Online Beauty Supply Store Is Providing A Positive Experience For Women Of Color

Two weeks ago on Instagram, Dana Chanel shared an image of belittling signs that often fill the windows of local beauty supply shops where many women of color have to go — despite the disrespect — because of the limited availability of products for them elsewhere. The post announced the launch of her online shop that gives women of color a space to purchase the products they want while supporting black business. Chanel founded Curl Bible , a black and Hispanic-owned online beauty supply shop that brings both well-known and smaller indie brands to consumers looking for a safe space to purchase their products. The site got up and running in just six months. The store houses popular brands such as Shea Moisture and As I Am, but provides opportunities for smaller brands as well. On Curl Bible’s home page, the phrase “We don’t just empower women, we provide them with opportunity!” is scrawled along the top of the page, and through the positive shopping experience, ease of use and its...

Christine Cauthen

Jun 21, 2018