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How Hip-Hop Has Transcended Beyond Music Spaces Over The Past 50 Years

On Aug. 11, 1973, the course of history changed forever. The way the culture experienced music also shifted, and the renowned genre that is known as Hip-Hop was birthed thanks to DJ Kool Herc’s “back to school jam” located at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx borough of New York. A party that was created to celebrate his sister Cindy Campbell is now one of the most memorable moments known to society — it’s the reason that Hip-Hop exists today. Photo Credit: Heritage Art / Heritage Images

Shanique Yates

Aug 11, 2023

How LL Cool J Maintained Financial Security Over His Nearly 40-Year Career — 'I've Never Been A Slave To My Lifestyle'

From the very beginning in 1973, Hip-Hop has always been a movement. Now, 50 years later, the impact of what the genre has burgeoned into speaks for itself. The groundbreaking genre went from being birthed out of economic hard times to today being worth an estimated $7.7 billion, according to Gitnux.

Ngozi Nwanji

Aug 4, 2023

A Ring Worn By Tupac Days Before His Passing Sells At Auction For A Whopping $1.02M

One fan now has a piece of Hip-Hop royalty within their reach.

Shanique Yates

Jul 26, 2023

Redman Sends Warning — 'Do Not Let Hip-Hop Be Ruined By Technology'

Another rap legend has shared their thoughts about the use of artificial intelligence(AI) within the Hip-Hop community — Redman.

Shanique Yates

Jun 28, 2023

Before Free Marie Was Making Waves In Hip-Hop, She Was A 'Lonely Only' In The Tech Industry

August 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of hip-hop — a genre that has since become a billion-dollar industry beloved by people across the globe.

Shanique Yates

May 31, 2023

LL COOL J Shares Why He Gave Artists Like Run-DMC Stake In Rock The Bells

LL COOL J is adamant about giving the pioneers of Hip-Hop their flowers. And as AfroTech previously told you, with Rock The Bells — created to empower Hip-Hop culture “from its roots to the modern day” — he’s doing just that.

Samantha Dorisca

May 10, 2023

LL COOL J Flexes Owning His Masters — 'I've Owned Them For 20-Something Years'

Maybe this is why they call him Big L’y. In 1984, legendary entertainer LL COOL J began creating demo tapes from his grandparent’s home. Now, nearly 40 years later, not only is he considered a Hip-Hop pioneer, but he has also planted the seeds to ensure that he leaves behind a massive legacy.

Shanique Yates

Jan 27, 2023

Jeezy Recalls Reactions To Him Leaving The Streets For A Rap Career — 'It Was So Funny To People'

All it takes is one friend to encourage you to step into your greatness — even when others don’t fully see the vision. For Jeezy, that friend happened to be fellow emcee Tip “T.I.” Harris.

Shanique Yates

Nov 2, 2022

Exclusive: E-40 Reveals Snoop Dogg Inspired Hip-Hop Supergroup Mount Westmore To Drop Their Debut Album In The Metaverse

Standing on the Mount Rushmore hill of Hip-Hop are trailblazers E-40, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Too Short.

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 18, 2022

Rick Ross Sets Sights On Possibly Becoming A Team Investor In Nascar

When you’re the biggest boss, every day is an opportunity to level up — or at least, that’s how it appears for Rick Ross. From Wing Stop to BelAire Rosé, the “Hustlin” emcee isn’t just flaunting a boss lifestyle through his music — he actually lives it This time, he might be looking into where he fits into the business of NASCAR. After rumors swirled that the 46-year-old could potentially join the sport as an investor, he took to Instagram to ask fans what they think the ideal partnership between the two would look like. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Biggest Boss Rick Ross (@richforever)

Shanique Yates

Jul 19, 2022

Meek Mill On Headlines Saying He's Parted Ways With Roc Nation: 'I’m Personally Handling My Own Business So I Can Take Risks'

A few months ago, a clip of Taraji P. Henson playing Cookie Lyon appeared all over the internet with her emotionally saying, “I gotta put me first, Luscious.” People used this clip to make countless memes about how they needed to prioritize themselves over anything else. Well, Meek Mill just acted out this scene in real life with an exit from his now-former label, Roc Nation.

Josh Rodgers

Jul 11, 2022

Could Megan Thee Stallion's Trademark Filings Mean New Music And Merch Is On The Way?

Megan Thee Stallion proves she can’t be placed in a box. From her lyrical prowess to earning an undergraduate degree while actively touring across the country, the Houston Hottie is always leveling up. With her next move, she’s keeping that same energy. The “Plan B” rapper has reportedly filed a trademark related to upcoming music, future performances, and clothing.

Josh Rodgers

Jun 9, 2022

Sinsational: Trademark Filing Suggests Future May Soon Be Headed For The Fragrance Industry

In April, Future dropped his ninth studio album — “I NEVER LIKED YOU.” As the focus of several memes and conversations, the Atlanta-based rapper had the attention of fans and opposers alike. And, Future may have plans to take it up a notch by giving people something more to look forward to. Nayvadius Wilburn has documented plans to enter the fragrance industry with Sinsational by Future. What seems to be a play on the words “sin” and “sensational,” Future appears to be staying on-brand with his lyrical content as a trademark filing suggests a launch of his own fragrance.

Josh Rodgers

May 10, 2022

NBA Youngboy Demands Atlantic Records 'Ban' His Music From All YouTubers

NBA Youngboy has had enough of YouTubers swiping his content for their page. According to HipHopDX, the Louisiana native took to his Instagram page to demand Atlantic Records — his label — ban the use of his music in reaction videos. “Atlantic ban my music from all YouTubers – get a real job,” NBA YoungBoy wrote. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Say Cheese TV 👄🧀 (@saycheesetv) In my opinion, for what it’s worth, the Baton Rouge-based rapper has — quite literally — millions, if not billions, of reasons to feel the way he does about people using his music without writing him a check. As one of the most successful artists on the platform, he has a vested interest in keeping things copacetic. With that said, let’s take a look at his YouTube numbers.