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How Angela Bassett's $450K Record-Breaking Salary Compares To That Of The Highest-Paid Actresses In Hollywood

When Angela Bassett renegotiated her salary for “9-1-1, ” her ask made headlines. According to Vanity Fair, her $450,000 per episode salary was dubbed as “historic” because it meant that she could now be one of the highest-paid actresses of color in network television. But, as the outlet correctly points out, Bassett’s salary bump wasn’t just for her acting chops (although to be fair, that’s reason enough to pay her that much). Rather, that salary also encompasses her duties as the executive producer of both the flagship show and its spin-off, “9-1-1: Lone Star.” When that’s factored in, it means that dollar for dollar, she’s not making anything near what she deserves. What’s more, what Angela Bassett is making pales in comparison to what some other Hollywood actresses are making. “Higher per-episode paydays were received by Sofia Vergara, who earned a reported $500,000 an episode of ‘Modern Family’ by the end of that show’s run, and Kaley Cuoco, who reportedly received $900,000 per...