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Should I Adopt a Personal Uniform?

Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg all have a single quirky habit in common. That is, they all wear the same outfit almost every day. Steve Jobs was famous for his black turtleneck paired with blue jeans and sneakers. President Obama wore either a grey or blue suit every day of his presidency (except, of course, for Tan Suit Gate ). Mark Zuckerberg wears the same jeans and t-shirt combination every day. This trend is prevalent among high achieving individuals. Here are a few of the most compelling arguments for adopting a personal uniform. Decision Fatigue If you’re doing entrepreneurship right, you make a lot of decisions every day. However, the quality of our decision-making begins to deteriorate after a long period of decision making . This phenomenon is known as Decision Fatigue, and it brings severe negative consequences. For this reason, many high achievers choose to minimize the number of decisions they need to make regularly. This frees up their intellectual...

Colleen Williams

Sep 25, 2019