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Zimbabwe Authorizes Herbal Treatment for COVID-19

Medical researchers and health officials are working hard to find a vast solution to calm the COVID-19 pandemic. As opposed to traditional medical resolutions and vaccines people are expecting to be developed, South African country, Zimbabwe, is proposing to pivot toward herbal treatments to end the deadly virus. The government of Zimbabwe has authorized herbalists to treat coronavirus patients, however, medical experts still encourage them to stick to WHO guidelines. In recent years, their traditional treatments and herbal remedies have garnered more attention from researchers in science, as reported by Face2Face Africa . On Monday, Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health delivered a letter to the head of the country’s main COVID-19 treatment center, urging them to reconsider using an herbalist to treat patients. According to a VOA report , this herbalist may have a cure for the virus. Tribert Chishanyu, the president of Zimbabwe Traditional Practitioners Association, is happy that the...

Njera Perkins

Apr 9, 2020