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In Need Of A Heart To Heart? This Online Platform Has You Covered

It is the day of love and Heart to Heart may help you find it. Heart to Heart — an audio-first dating application — is tossing out the conventional online ways of dating and adopting the power of listening to create a more intimate experience with your next love interest. “Voice is so intentional and intimate, and that is exactly what we’re building here at Heart to Heart,” says founder Joshua Ogundu, according to TechCrunch. “I think that because it takes more energy to send that voice snippet to someone, you’ll be more intentional with who you even look to strike up conversations with.” Heart to Heart can help resolve the pressure of having to find the perfect phrase to stand out among other suitors. Instead, the application encourages users to draw on real-world experiences and highlight their personalities, making it easier to be a contender on one’s drawing board. “Our mission extends beyond the superficial objectives of most dating services. We understand that genuine...

Feb 14, 2022