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Former Wall Street Analyst To Release 'The ABCs Of Black Wall Street' Books To Financially Empower Children

Claudia Walker is an educator paving the way to ensure financial literacy is accessible to children. Before Claudia Walker entered the education field, she worked on Wall Street as a financial analyst. The educator and Spelman grad would often share with students her experience working in the money capital of America and attending a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Claudia Walker quickly noticed an unsettling trend, many students were not exposed to finance or HBCUs. Aiming to resolve the knowledge gap, she launched publishing company HBCU Prep School in 2020, to normalize the world of investing and higher education. “Oftentimes when I ask my students about investing their response is, ‘Oh, that’s something rich people do.’ I want to dispel that myth, and the notion that investing is something that cannot happen or should not happen within the Black community,” Claudia Walker told AfroTech. She continued: “That has been my mission in all the work that I have done...

Feb 12, 2022