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101-Year-Old Merrill Pittman Cooper Earns Honorary High School Diploma

Better late than never and Merrill Pittman Cooper is living proof. Walking the earth for over a century, Cooper has experienced various facets of life — from the historic lows of the 1930s and the Civil Rights era to the first Black president of the United States of America. Cooper’s personal trajectory includes a career as the first Black trolley car driver in Philadelphia, PA, and later becoming a leading figure in the union, The Washington Post reports. However, his original aspirations were to become an attorney. Although he was unable to achieve his dream job, he recently checked another milestone off of his list. Growing up, his single mother worked as a housekeeper and would pay off Cooper’s school tuition until she no longer had the financial means by his senior year of high school at Storer College in Harpers Ferry, WV. Cooper persuaded his mother to live with his family in Philadelphia and shifted his focus to supporting his mother. Cooper took a position at a women’s...

Mar 28, 2022