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Gavin Mathieu Was Exposed To Design By Using Microsoft Paint As A Child — Now, He's Launched A Clothing Collection With The Company

Microsoft is taking its talents to the clothing industry, thanks to the latest partnership with Gavin Mathieu. While the leading technology company is known for its years of experience in the game, producing all of the latest gadgets, they are shaking things up a bit with the new “Hardwear” clothing line created by Mathieu. He is known for carving his own lane as a streetwear designer, and now he’s bringing those refreshing looks to the company. As someone who credits some of his earliest work as a graphic designer to Microsoft Paint, this collaboration was the perfect fit for Mathieu. “It means a lot to know that a brand that I have respected for so many years also respects my work. I was first exposed to design using Microsoft Paint on my Pop’s computer growing up,” he said in an exclusive interview with AfroTech. “This foundation allowed me to become a self-taught designer like so many other successful creatives. When I first started out, I told everyone that I wanted to create a...

Jul 14, 2022