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Terrence Lester Went from Homelessness to Creating Portable Sinks to Help the Homeless

Atlanta-based nonprofit LoveBeyondWalls is doing its part by extending a helping hand to the most vulnerable population during the COVID-19 pandemic. LoveBeyondWalls is an organization that prioritizes the needs of homeless residents in the city of Atlanta. Seeing as though the pandemic has left the homeless population with even less access to resources, the organization took action to build portable hand-washing stations to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the virus. “When I was experiencing homelessness being out there, you would have to go a mile or two to wash your hands or go to the bathroom. I wanted to make sure we put stations in parts where people are under bridges, just in case someone wants to stop and wash their hands,” Terrence Lester, one of the organizers behind LoveBeyondWalls, told Shoppe Black . Seeing how coronavirus has put the homeless at such a disadvantage, Lester did what he could to give back to the community. The idea for these portable...

Njera Perkins

Mar 23, 2020