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Black-Owned Distillery and Manufacturer Pivots from Producing Vodka to Hand Sanitizer

As the national shortage of vital supplies continues, companies are pivoting their products to contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts. According to BlackNews , Vanessa Braxton, founder of Black Momma Vodka , has decided to utilize the alcohol she has on hand to produce and distribute thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer. As the first Black woman to own and operate a nationally distributed vodka in the country, Braxton is using her company’s materials for the greater good. Black Enterprise shared a press release statement from Braxton: “We are changing with the times and we have to be ready to shift how we are serving our community and consumers in the midst of this crisis. If I didn’t own a distillery and manufacturing facility I would not have been able to pivot so quickly from producing vodka to making hand sanitizer. We are ready to evolve and reinvent our business to work with government agencies and hospitals, to protect those on the frontlines of fighting this pandemic.”...

Njera Perkins

Apr 20, 2020

18-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur Launches Hand Sanitizer Company

Eighteen-year-old Kehlin “King” Farooq II had one wish for his birthday — to supply the masses with hand sanitizer. The aspiring engineer is the founder and creator of GermAtize , a hand sanitizer company located in Houston, TX. Farooq’s idea to create a hand sanitizer came about in 2019 after his mother, a pharmacist, began to have early conversations with her colleagues about the coronavirus. Not even a full calendar year later, COVID-19 has made its way to the United States, leading stores to quickly sell out of much-needed necessities, including hand sanitizer. Observing the lack of hand sanitizer, Farooq approached his dad and explained his idea of developing his own hand sanitizer product. His father reached out to a friend who owns a laboratory, and the rest is history. GermAtize is now a reality. According to its website, GermAtize is a hand sanitizer and soap that kills 99.9 percent of germs in 30 seconds or less. Check out how Farooq’s father took to his Twitter to spread...

Devin Crudup

Apr 17, 2020

Purell Hand Sanitizer Manufacture Sued for Misleading Claims About Product's Effectiveness

The coronavirus outbreak has caused customers to flock to stores in hopes of stocking up on items like hand sanitizer in the belief that brands like Purell would prevent the spread of the virus. However, the manufacturer that makes Purell hand sanitizer is being sued for false and misleading claims about the effectiveness of their product. According to USA Today , Purell parent company GOJO Industries is facing a class-action lawsuit on the grounds of its misleading claim that their product “kills 99.99% of illness causing germs.” The suit was filed in the Northern District of Ohio on March 13 and represents four people in Oregon, Massachusetts, California, and Michigan. The suit is arguing that Purell stats have no scientific proof and is misleading when the company claims that one “squirt” of their hand sanitizer is twice as more effective than other brands. According to USA Today, GOJO Industries, CEO Carey Jaros, said: “these lawsuits are without merit,” and “We stand 100%...

Devin Crudup

Mar 23, 2020