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Franchisor Hakika Wise Is Using Her Business Of Stretching To Boost Wellness And Generational Wealth

When franchisor Hakika Wise — founder of Kika Stretch Studios — set out to establish her many stretching studios across the country, she had a mindset of being a boss who also helps build others up to achieve boss status too. As one of the first Black women franchisors in the world, Wise knew she had stumbled across something historic in growing her business. However, she knew the work didn’t stop there. With very few Black and brown franchisors, Wise took it upon herself to use her business as a vessel to encourage others to join her on the path to becoming self-made business-owners. As AfroTech previously reported, Wise’s idea to start her own franchise of stretch studios was fueled by her desire to stand out in the business world with a concept not many others were invested in. Through her unique stretching technique and chain of studios, Wise has been able to prove just how lucrative the fitness and wellness industry is. Not only has she helped thousands of people improve their...

May 20, 2021

How Founder Hakika Wise Stretched $500 to Become The Youngest Female Franchisor In The U.S.

Every entrepreneur has their own unique origin story, and Kika Stretch Studios founder Hakika Wise is no different. When Wise came up with the idea to start her own stretch studio back in 2011, she was down to her last $500 to her name from a tax return, Earn Your Leisure reports. Despite facing financial hardships, the New jersey native took a leap of faith and decided to go into business for herself. During a 2019 interview with Rolling Out, Wise explained the reason why she chose her particular career path, stating “I wanted to do something that others weren’t doing, so I started the stretch studio industry.” At the time, Wise says she realized there were no other stretch studios in existence so she created and patented the heart of her business model, “The Kika Method” — described as “a form of passive stretching in which an external force exerts upon the limb to move it into the new position,” according to Black Enterprise. That allowed her to then expand her business with 12...

Apr 15, 2021