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A Community Grocery Store On Skid Row Will Soon Transfer Ownership To Black-Led Nonprofit, Creating Justice LA

A grocery store appreciated by the Skid Row community in Los Angeles, CA, will be under new ownership.

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 12, 2024

Ariell Ilunga Opened A Grocery Store With A Mission To Help The Underserved And Provide Visibility To Other Black-Owned Businesses

Ariell Ilunga is behind a grocery store providing exposure to Black-owned grocery brands and businesses.

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 8, 2024

A Black-Led Grocery Store Is Coming To Detroit, MI, And Will Support Food Entrepreneurs

A Black-led grocery store will be opening in Detroit, MI, to help solve food insecurity. Detroit Free Press reports that Detroit People’s Food Co-Op will be opening its doors to the public in March 2024. The grocery store is part of the Detroit Food Commons (DFC) project, a 31,000-square-foot two-story building that will also provide a community space and local kitchen to support food entrepreneurs.

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 2, 2024

After Opening A Free Grocery Store For Students, Goodr CEO Jasmine Crowe Does The Same For Seniors

Goodr may be on everyone’s radar thanks to rapper Gunna’s partnership with the food insecurity nonprofit but none of it would be possible without the singular vision of founder Jasmine Crowe. In a recent op-ed for Newsweek, Crowe explained why she continues her mission and is now offering a “free grocery store” for seniors. “We began thinking about who else could benefit and what other population has the greatest need. We knew from my work with seniors that a lot are experiencing food insecurity. I personally have been working with seniors for 10 years; providing food in senior homes and buying groceries for individuals myself,” she explained. And Crowe’s concerns are well-placed. According to a study by the National Council on Aging, about 7.3 million senior adults are considered “food insecure.” Seniors with disabilities, and those who live in southern and western states, are more likely to face food insecurity than those who are not disabled or who live in northern states. This...