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These Black Founders are Using Tech to Give Grads the Ceremony They Deserve

The global health crisis put a halt to many memorable school events that all graduating seniors look forward to. Above them all, in-person graduations have been canceled nationwide and left many graduates without a way to celebrate their accomplishments. To fill the void for graduates during this difficult time, these Black founders started Live Tassel to be the virtual solution for all commencement ceremonies. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, partners Cabral Clements and James Jackson teamed up to work on the creative production behind Live Tassel to create sufficient virtual graduation ceremonies that could still bring graduates joy. “Graduates should have the opportunity to feel special and recognized,” said Clements. “Not only did I see a need to help schools navigate virtual graduations using my media production skills, but I also needed to personally pivot as projects slowed due to COVID-19.” Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash Along with a small team of editors on staff,...

May 20, 2020

Meet the First-Ever Mother-Daughter Duo to Graduate Med School Together and Become Doctors

This mother-daughter duo is making history together as the first-ever to graduate from medical school at the same time and match at the same hospital. The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) reports that Dr. Cynthia Kudji & daughter, Jasmine, both matched at LSU Health in Louisiana after receiving their medical degrees–Cynthia in Family Medicine and Jasmine in General Surgery. The two were thrilled to receive this news on Match Day last month as they studied for years apart at separate schools. Cynthia earned her degree in St. Kitts and Maine from UMHS and her daughter obtained her M.D. from LSU School of Medicine in Louisiana, according to Because of Them We Can . Dr. Cynthia Kudji, who’s originally from Ghana, West Africa, put her dreams of becoming a doctor on hold when she was pregnant with her daughter at just 23-years-old. She went on to become a nurse and worked as an RN and Nurse Practitioner for almost a decade before deciding to attend medical school. Dr....

May 19, 2020

How Your School’s Alumni Network Can Help You Jumpstart Your Career

Whether you’re a current college student or you graduated years ago, you have access to a wide network of alumni who attended the same school as you. By tapping into alumni networks, you could make valuable connections, learn from experts and even get your foot in the door at a prospective employer. So how can alumni help students jumpstart their careers? And what steps can you take to make the most of alumni networks? Here are five ways to connect with fellow graduates of your alma mater (even as you figure out what career is right for you ): Set up a meeting with your career or alumni services office Join online alumni groups Introduce yourself over email Attend local alumni meet-ups and events Set up informational interviews or shadow days Got help from your alumni network? Don’t forget to pay it forward 1. Set up a meeting with your career or alumni services office Colleges offer a wealth of free resources to students and alumni , including career and alumni services. If you’re...

Jan 24, 2020

How to Refinance Your Student Loans, Even If You Didn’t Graduate

People enroll in college anticipating that a degree will lead to better job prospects, higher salaries and more opportunities in the future. But for a range of reasons, including college costs and life circumstances, some students have to drop out. After leaving school, you’re still required to make payments on your student loan debt. Refinancing can help many people manage their student debt, but refinancing student loans without a degree can be difficult. Here are your options for refinancing student loan and coming up with a repayment strategy if you didn’t complete your degree. Can you refinance student loans without a degree? For many people, refinancing and consolidating student loans makes their debt more manageable. They may qualify for a lower interest rate, different repayment terms or even a lower monthly payment. That can free up money in their budgets for other financial priorities. If you didn’t complete your degree, finding a lender who will refinance your loans with...

Dec 2, 2019