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Award-Winning Choreographer Bill T. Jones Has Released a Project With Google

Google wants to combine the worlds of art and technology to change the way people understand identity and self-expression. In one of its latest projects, the company is teaming up with Tony-award winning choreographer Bill T. Jones to create interactive art with words, symbols and movements. For users, creating the art is as simple as logging on to a computer and turning on a webcam. The Google-Jones collaboration consists of four experiments that were developed using the PoseNet machine learning model. “AI is supposed to take us into the next century and important things are supposed to be happening with this technology, so I wanted to see if we could use it to stir real human emotion,” Jones said in a blog post. “Maybe it’s ego, but I want to be the one to know how to use PoseNet to make somebody cry.” The four experiments are titled Manifesto, The Game, Hold That Thought and Naming Things: Approaching 21. In Manifesto, users can create a trail of words that respond to their...

Jun 4, 2019