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The Gender Wage Gap In Tech Is Slowly Shrinking, Report Finds

The gender wage gap continues to be an issue across industries but, according to Glassdoor’s latest analysis , it has begun to shrink — even in the tech industry. In general, the U.S.’s unadjusted pay gap is 21.4 percent, which means women make $0.79 for every dollar men earn. However, Glassdoor also controls for worker and job characteristics (such as age, education, occupation, and industry). When looking at the controlled numbers, the pay gap falls to 4.9 percent — a slight improvement from Glassdoor’s first analysis in 2016 . On an adjusted basis, men in the information technology industry make 5.4 more money than women. That’s an improvement from 2016 when Glassdoor found the industry’s wage gap to be 5.9 percent. The unadjusted gap is 11.8 percent. “Although many tech jobs display large gender pay gaps, the overall information technology (or “tech”) industry is close to the U.S. average and falls in the middle of the pack among industries,” Glassdoor wrote in its 2016 report....

Mar 27, 2019