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Report Finds Black Women Need To Work Until They Are 83 To Make What White Men Make By 60

Black women working full-time make nearly $1 million less than white men during their careers, the National Women’s Law Center recently shared in a research report. While the wage gap affects all women, it arguably affects Black women the most since they face race and gender discrimination. Black women, on average, are currently paid 63 cents for every dollar that White men make. That amounts to a loss of $2,009 a month, $24,110 a year, and $964,400 over 40 years for Black women. This stark reality is why Aug. 3 is marked Black Women’s Equal Pay Day every year, which signifies the extra 214 days Black women would need to work each year to catch up to white men’s salaries. Put it this way; Black women will have to work until they are 83-years-old to reach the salaries white men make at age 60. “I don’t think it’s talked about as much as it should be,” Tiffany Williams, a business and marketing strategist, told AfroTech. “The wage gap is so prominent because there’s a lack of...

Aug 27, 2021

Judge Orders Mo'Nique's Discrimination Lawsuit Against Netflix to Move Forward

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique gains the upper hand in her lawsuit against streaming giant Netflix as a judge allows her case to proceed. According to USA Today , Mo’Nique earned a major win in her race and gender discrimination lawsuit this week after a federal court ruled that she “plausibly” claimed the streaming platform illegally retaliated against her after rejecting a “lowball” offer to do a comedy special. The decision, ruled by U.S. District Judge André Birotte Jr., noted that the comedian raised a “novel theory” after arguing that Netflix’s alleged failure to re-negotiate an “opening offer” — as standard protocol in the industry — constitutes an “adverse employment action,” USA Today reports . “…Regardless of whether plaintiff will ultimately prevail on (her) claims, dismissing this case under Rule 12(b)(6) is not appropriate,” the judge revealed in his decision. “Plaintiff’s complaint may raise a novel issue, but that does not justify dismissing it at this stage.”...

Jul 17, 2020

Time's Up Cofounders Are Creating a Training Firm To Help Companies Create More Inclusive Work Environments

Women, now more than ever, are speaking up about their experiences with workplace sexual harassment and misconduct. From Anita Hill speaking to a crowd of Wellesley College about her trauma to employees at big tech firms launching full-blown protests , women and their allies are taking more control over toxic workplace cultures. TIME’S UP Legal fund has been integral in the rise of the #MeToo movement and now its co-founders are tackling workplace culture by launching an anti-harassment training firm, according to Fortune. Roberta Kaplan and Tina Tchen have launched HABIT, which stands for harassment, acceptance, bias and inclusion training, to provide company executives with tools, information and classes to end harassment within the workplace. “It was pretty clear that there wasn’t enough available and willing legal support to represent women who either had claims or to defend them against claims, relating to issues of sexual assault or harassment at work,” Kaplan said to Fortune....

Jun 3, 2019

This Slack Plug-In Is Making Users More Aware Of Their Gender Biases At Work

Using automation to tackle gender bias in the workplace has proven to be a difficult task for many companies. In some cases, trying to solve the issue has amplified the problem. For example, Amazon had to get rid of one of its AI human resources tool that discriminated against women applicants. And last year, Google Translate had to update its algorithm to stop the tool from only returning masculine translations to gender-neutral terms. Now, Slack’s new plug-in, #BiasCorrect, is changing the way people speak about women at work. #BiasCorrect was launched by Catalyst, a non-profit dedicated to making workplaces more women-friendly. The plug-in used automation to suggest alternative terms and phrases when Slack users describe women coworkers using words with negative connotations. For example, if someone types “she’s so aggressive,” #BiasCorrect will offer terms like “passionate” or “focused” to point out the user’s unconscious bias. Since the launch of the plug-in, women across...

Mar 12, 2019

Oracle Accused of Withholding $400M in Wages From Minority Employees

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has filed a complaint today alleging that software company Oracle has routinely underpaid its Black, Asian and women workers. OFCCP alleges that Oracle’s practices created a total loss of $400 million for minority employees. The agency said in its amended complaint that Oracle relied on prior salaries in setting employees’ pay and put minority workers in lower paying positions throughout the company. OFCCP said the company had been using discriminatory pay practices since at least 2013. OFCCP’s original lawsuit against Oracle was filed in January 2017. The agency has since updated the lawsuit to show more analysis of the company’s compensation practices. The amended suit claims that Oracle “strongly preferred Asian recent college and university graduates than to all others” and it gave preference to visa-holding Asian graduates who depended on the company for authorization to work in the US. The...

Jan 23, 2019

ACLU Files Charges Against Facebook For Gender Discrimination in Ads

Facebook is under fire again for its advertising. According to lawsuits from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the social media giant is allowing companies to post ads using discriminatory methods. Last week, the ACLU filed charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Facebook and 10 other employers alleging gender discrimination. Abas USA, Defenders, Nebraska Furniture Mart, City of Greensboro North Carolina, Need Work Today, Renewal by Andersen LLC, Rice Tire, JK Moving Services, Enhanced Roofing & Modeling, and Xenith were named in the lawsuits. Abas USA released a statement in response to the lawsuit saying that it used two separate ads — one that targeted male candidates and another that targeted females. “We ran the ads together for one week, and they produced no applicants,” said Abas USA. “This was the first and last time that we used Facebook ads targeted towards men and women.” Facebook’s ad tools allow companies to select “all,” or target...

Sep 24, 2018