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Black Consumers To Receive $10M In Settlement After Car Dealership Allegedly Charged Them More

An Illinois based car-dealership has found itself on the paying end of a $10 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the state attorney’s office. The settlement comes after numerous claims that the car dealer was charging illegal fees and adding additional finance charges to its Black customers. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Ed Napleton Automotive, headquartered in Oakbrook, IL was among nine other dealerships in Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Missouri with complaints filed for similar discriminatory practices. According to the local news outlet, the joint settlement was filed in Chicago federal court alleging the dealerships across multiple states charged up to thousands in additional products like paint without any prior consent. The complaint against the dealership also alleges that Black customers were charged an estimated $190 more in interest and paid about $99 more for similar add-ons than white customers, the FTC released in a statement....

Apr 4, 2022

Social Media Users Took A Loss Of $770M In 2021 — Here's How

Let this be a lesson to beware of those Internet scams! According to Complex, social media scammers managed to rake in $770 million due to fraudulent behavior across the Internet in 2021. However, the amount only accounts for 25 percent of fraud that was actually reported last year.

Feb 2, 2022

Amazon Just Removed a Major Restriction on its Sellers

On Monday, Amazon announced its decision to remove a restriction that was previously criticized as “anti-competitive,” a source told CNBC . The restriction made it so third-party sellers on couldn’t offer lower prices on any competing websites.  Business Insider reported the source gave no further details on the decision. The move comes after Sen. Richard Blumenthal sent a letter to Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph Simmons and Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim arguing that the practice would “stifle market competition and artificially inflate prices,” as reported by CNBC. He went on to say Amazon has enforced the policy by threatening to remove any merchants who violated it. Blumenthal’s concerns are reminiscent of investigations in Germany and Great Britain a few years ago. According to The Verge , regulators looked into Amazon’s practice, and it was abandoned in Europe. Germany is Amazon’s second-biggest market. Therefore the company probably realized...

Mar 12, 2019

Google Confirms Which Nest Products Have Microphones

Ever since Google accidentally omitted a Nest security device’s built-in microphone, the company has faced major backlash. Recently, Google tried to put some concerns to rest by confirming which Nest products have microphones, as Business Insider reported . Google Nest features a wide range of smart home products, including doorbells, an alarm system, and even a thermostat. For worried customers, instead of providing security, those devices became potential hosts of more hidden microphones. California Senator Kamala Harris told Business Insider, “Americans shouldn’t have to fear that the products in their home could be spying on them.” Now, Google has confirmed the following products all contain microphones: Nest Guard Hub, Nest Protect (second-generation model), Nest Cam IQ outdoor, Nest Cam IQ indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor, and Nest Hello. However, none of these microphones are a secret. Google told Business Insider, “These were also clearly called out by the company...

Feb 27, 2019

Facebook Accused of Not Protecting Private Health Information in Its Groups

A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint filed in December is alleging that Facebook failed to protect private health information in its groups. The complaint– which was recently made public–alleges that Facebook leaked data about individuals in their patient support groups. These groups are dedicated to providing a sense of community for those who share the same medical conditions. BRCA and NGLY1 community advocates helped file the complaint. BRCA is a genetic mutation that has been linked to breast cancer, while NGLY1 is a rare genetic disorder. “Facebook offers the illusion of control but ignores and obscures privacy decisions,” the complaint said. The complaint alleges that Facebook was deceptive in using the terms “safety” and “control” for its medical support groups while giving users the ability to download personal information about group members. Support group members could have their names, phone numbers and email addresses downloaded which would link them to specific...

Feb 19, 2019