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A Lab's Holding The Bodies And Heads Of 200 People With Hopes That They Can Be 'Brought To Life'

The idea of being raised from the dead may not be far-fetched. The Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Alcor) plans to test if science and technology can bring back a deceased life through cryonics. Linda and Fred Chamberlain spearheaded the company back in 1972 after being enlightened as attendees at a cryonics conference in early 1970, CNET reports. “Our goals were to start an organization that could save people’s lives and give them an opportunity to be restored to health and function,” Linda Chamberlain previously told CNET. “If we’d known how hard it was going to be, we might not have tried to do it. But once you get started, something about saving lives, you can’t give up.” Determined to provide a second chance of life, Alcor currently houses 200 bodies at a lab. Bodies are frozen for $220,000 and the head and brain for $80,000, CNET reports. Incoming patients will have their bodies incubated and kept on ice. A mechanical thumper will keep blood flowing to further prep the body...

Jan 27, 2022