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The Fortune 500 List Has A 'Record Number' Of Black CEOs — But There's Still Only 6 Of Them

Fortune Magazine recently released its annual Fortune 500 list, and the outlet was quick to brag that it had a “record number” of Black CEOs on its coveted list. And they even invoked George Floyd’s name to brag about the accomplishment. “In the wake of racial protests following the murder of George Floyd, companies pledged to increase diversity within their executive ranks and accelerate change internally,” reports the outlet. “This year, six Black chief executives sit atop Fortune 500 companies, making up just over 1% of businesses on the 2022 ranking. That’s a noteworthy increase from last year when only five Black CEOs ran Fortune 500 companies.” *Cringe* The Fortune 500 list shows that there’s a world of difference between equality and equity. In other words, while everyone has the same opportunities (at least in theory), they’re not always going to be granted the same results, even if all things are assumed to be otherwise equal (and we all know they’re not). Six Black CEOs on...

For The First Time Ever, Two Black Women CEOs Have Made The Fortune 500 List

For the first time in history, two Black women CEOs are featured on the Fortune 500 list. This year, Fortune reports that women-run Fortune 500 companies have hit an all-time record of 41 CEOs, with women like Roz Brewer of No. 16 Walgreens Boots Alliance and Thasunda Brown Duckett of No. 79 TIAA making strides for Black businesswomen. Brewer, who’s a former Starbucks executive, was named the new CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance back in March, briefly making her the only Black woman to run a Fortune 500 company this year until she was joined by Duckett, former JPMorgan Chase exec and now the new CEO of TIAA. According to Fortune, only one other Black woman, Ursula Burns of Xerox, has run a Fortune 500 business on a permanent basis with the exception of Mary Winston, who served as Bed Bath & Beyond’s interim chief for several months back in 2019. Ever since then, Black women CEOs have been missing from the Fortune 500 list but it looks as though that’s beginning to change. Now, these...

Njera Perkins

Jun 7, 2021

Mary Winston Named Interim CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond

WinsCo Enterprises Co-Founder and President Mary Winston was appointed interim CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond earlier this year.  As noted in Black Enterprise, the appointment made Winston “ the first black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company” in the wake of the departure of Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox. Winston, who obtained her MBA from Northwestern University, was named interim CEO following the resignation of Steven Temares. She previously served in an executive capacity at various companies , including a position as executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Family Dollar Store, Inc., and as senior vice president and chief financial officer at Giant Eagle, Inc. At the time of the new appointment, Winston stated, “ This is an important time for Bed Bath & Beyond and we are committed to being the leading omnichannel retailer of choice for the home and heart-felt life events .” In October, Winston was succeeded by Bed Bath & Beyond President and CEO Mark J. Tritton.

Emily Adeyanju

Dec 12, 2019