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The Scoop On Forex Trading From Money Team Investment Group Founder Christopher Raxton

What is forex trading and what’s the hype about it right now? Forex is short for foreign exchange, which is the trading of one currency for another. These trades happen on the foreign exchange market which is operated electronically through banks, brokers, and other financial institutions, Investopedia reports . Christopher Raxton first got his experience with forex trading during his undergraduate career at Michigan State University when he came across TradeHouse Investment Group. TradeHouse is a community of financial leaders who educate people on how to properly invest in the foreign exchange market. The group champions itself for being all about financial literacy while giving its members access to resources and tools to earn money. Raxton is 24 now, living in Atlanta and leading his own company called Money Team Investment Group . While he was in law school, he decided to switch careers when he found himself finding much success trading in the foreign exchange market. AfroTech...

Michelai Graham

Jun 9, 2021

Understanding Forex: A Beginner's Guide

Looking for new investment opportunities, have some disposable cash, and possess a healthy risk tolerance? Well, currency and currency derivatives trading may be a good fit for you. Investors, large and small, trade currencies and derivatives in a massive global marketplace known as the foreign exchange market (also known as forex or FX). To understand forex and the opportunities it may present for you, you need first to understand a bit about currency trading. Currency Trading Say you travel to Japan and need to pay for your food, hotel, and other items while there. You’ll need to exchange your dollars for Japanese yen at a ratio known as the exchange rate. Exchange rates change relative to one another due to central bank manipulation of interest rates, deficits in a country’s current accounts, national debt, and a host of other factors. Institutions and individual investors speculate on the variations in currency prices by buying (or selling) a currency pair — in this case,...


Nov 24, 2020