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African Food Brand Yolélé Receives $1.98M In Funding To Help Smallholder Farmers In Mali

According to a press release, African food brand Yolélé is on a mission to help improve smallholder value chains within the food industry. And the “revolutionary African food brand” has just secured $1.98 million in funding to help it do so. The move is a part of West African Ancient Grains (WAAG), a new venture located in Mali, and it plans to turn the ancient fonio grain into a cash crop and provide a source of income for farmers in one of the world’s most underserved and vulnerable areas, the Sahel region. Based in the United States, Yolélé — launched by Chef Pierre Thiam — will partner with Mali’s leading shea butter manufacturer, Mali Shi SA, to carry out their goal of equipping West African smallholder farmers with the resources that they need to not only thrive but survive.

Jan 13, 2022