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Data Reveals Black McDonald's Franchisees Make Less, Own Less

Owning a McDonald’s franchise may become an increasingly uphill battle for Blacks in America, according to Business Insider . A recent series of reports highlights the ownership and income disparities for Black operators of McDonald’s franchises. Business Insider examines data obtained from the National Black McDonald’s Operators Association, which has existed for over 50 years to support Black McDonald’s company owners in their business efforts. Statistics show that in 2012, Black franchises earned $319K compared to the $344K earnings of fellow franchises. By 2017, that gap had widened to $312K versus $372K. Black franchises earned $60K less than other franchises operating within the five years outlined, and Blacks have owned fewer franchises in general. The past decade has seen a 100-store drop for Black company owners. These figures are alarming, considering that there are less than 2,000 McDonald’s franchises overall . NBMOA data and Business Insider interviews of Black...

Emily Adeyanju

Dec 30, 2019