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Erykah Badu to Host Virtual Interactive Quarantine Concert for a Small Fee

As many of us enter day five of self-quarantining, we’re looking for any and every way to stay entertained. To help alleviate the stir-crazy stress some of us may be experiencing, Erykah Badu is providing a musical solution for those that are self-isolating in their homes. The soul singer announced that she has plans to live stream a quarantine concert from her Dallas bedroom for those fans who need an escape from the coronavirus madness. Badu’s interactive Apocalypse One concert will cost fans a small fee of just $1 and she’s even taking song suggestions from viewers. Badu made the announcement via her Instagram page. “Peace and love. The show must go on,” Badu said in the video. “Introducing the quarantine concert series live from my bedroom. We will be performing here live this weekend.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by UNICORN Mutant Cobra – present (@erykahbadu) “YOU CHOOSE THE Songs by poll. One $ to get in. 1 dollar. We gone pull it off. We gone be calm. You gone...

Njera Perkins

Mar 20, 2020