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Facebook Sees Uptick In Diversity With An Increase In Remote Work Options

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies are all the rave right now for the private sector and nonprofit organizations. And while everyone is seemingly treating DEI as the proverbial popular kid in school, many strategies that have been implemented are working to create more just and equitable cultures. Although there is evidence of intentional work being done to increase diversity at companies, the ever-evolving nature of the job market has created certain norms, pushing diversity to the forefront. For the folks at Facebook, implementing remote work increased their diversity metrics. According to The Washington Post, since Facebook implemented a more liberal remote policy, the company saw noticeable increases in employee representation. Between 2021 and 2022, the tech company grew among Black, Hispanic, Asian, and multiracial employees. Its number of white employees decreased by 1.5 percent. The increase in minority employment also applied to its leadership group. A...

Jul 20, 2022

Facebook Is Increasing Wages And Benefits For Its Contract Workers

Facebook has had a long list of battles to deal with in the past year. Between privacy, data and hate speech issues, the company has faced extreme backlash. Not to mention, the tech giant’s struggle internally with its contractors who moderate content for the platform. Content moderators are the ones who have to ensure tragedies like the New Zealand shooting and other crimes are not shared on the platform. However, these gatekeepers have not had the wages nor benefits to match their heavy workloads. To change this, Facebook is upping its minimum wage. In the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Washington, D.C., wages will increase from $15 to $22. Seattle wages will increase to $20 and to $18 in all of the remaining metro cities in the U.S. “Their work is critical to keeping our community safe, and it’s often difficult. That’s why we’ve paid content reviewers more than minimum wage standards,” Facebook said in a blog post. “Content review at our size can be challenging and we...

May 14, 2019